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May 09

Tom Outland – Online Review 5 Stars

“Colonel Michael C. Howard As a member of the Worland Shooting Complex I wanted to thank you and Tyson. When I called and talked to you about what we planned to do to upgrade our shooting complex you were very helpful. You did not stop there though with our order. You got together with Tyson and was able to save us substantially on the shipping so that we could put more money into the targets. We had 14 metal targets in one pistol range with just 1 in shooting condition. The others were good for scrap. Because of your help and the savings we were able to purchase and install 28 metal reactive targets. We now have 2 fun and safe pistol ranges. One being a tactical (used by our local law offices) and the other what we call a plinking range. We also put a few on the 22 range and the high power rifle range. We have had nothing but great reviews and a lot of fun by all. We fully intend to continue the renovation and addition of our ranges with more metal reactive targets. We will add more to the pistol, 22 and high power rifle ranges. We also hope to put in a black powder range with your targets. With all of that being said I would and have highly recommended your products. They make a fully functional safe and fun venue for the whole family. It also is beneficial for continued pistol defense training. It also helps the environment stay clean as people do not have to take bottles and cans out to the bad lands to shoot at reactive targets. Thanks again!”

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