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“Your mounting system I’d judge to be the best of the 4 companies that I bought targets from (Action, Bigdog, Steel & LV Targets). That is, everything just slips together & disassembles quickly so setting up say 8 targets during a ceasefire isn’t a 20 minute affair. Also allows moreContinue Reading
“Just thought you’d appreciate an “after action” report on your gravity plate rack target. It’s been working like a champ for us and we had the pleasure of introducing our friends from Sweden to your product. They had more fun than a barrel of drunk monkeys, much to the envyContinue Reading
“Finally broke down and spent the money on a great target from Salute. I will be buying more. It’s awesome fun! Only person who did not like this was the Fed-Ex guy who bad to carry it in to the porch. Love this thing.”Continue Reading
“Ed, Just received my target and I really like it. Also, being a boiler inspector, I can see that the design, quality and workmanship is top notch! Thanks”Continue Reading
“I’m really glad to see that your customer service is just as good as your targets. I will be placing an order through your site tomorrow for the plate you mentioned, which will be perfect for our long range use. I specifically like them for extreme long range since theyContinue Reading